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Here you will find some of the best online resources for Morse code. Whether you're here for fun, to learn Morse code or to learn about Morse code, I aim to provide the resources you need. I develop this in my spare time (as part of and am very grateful to those people that have helped with suggestions and advice over the years.

International Morse Code

This is what people generally mean when they say "Morse code". It's been the standard form since the late 1800's.


The original and best!

Translate between letters and dots and dashes. Hear, control and save the sound, have your phone vibrate or watch a flashing light.

Type a message and send it to a friend or share on social media.


This expanding collection of training tools has been informed by the CWops CW Academy and others.


These tools try to decode Morse code, whether from a sound file, microphone or from watching your gaze.

Morse Machine

Instantly translate to Morse code (sound, light or vibration) as you speak or type.


Try to input Morse code using two keys on the keyboard as a paddle.

The Code

A listing of the Morse code, including punctuation, non-English letters, prosigns, Q codes and other common abbreviations.


An explanation of the timing of Morse code: the basics, words per minute and Farnsworth timing.

American Morse Code

American or "railroad" Morse was the original Morse code as developed by Samuel Morse in the 1840's.


Translate between letters and dots and dashes. Hear, control and save the sound or watch a flashing light.


This trainer takes you through a series of exercises to learn American Morse. It is based on the CW Academy trainer but is not associated with CW Academy.

American Morse Code

A listing of the American Morse code, including punctuation.

Shop, FAQ and more


I've collected together some great gifts related to Morse code. See if there's something that interests you!


With so much interest in Morse code comes a lot of frequently asked questions. Check here before getting in touch!

Morse Keys, Paddles, Bugs and Keyers

There are many different types of key for sending Morse code (CW) and it can be confusing. If you don't know your cootie from your keyer then this is the page for you.

Phonetic Alphabets

Not quite Morse code, but also of interest to radio operators are the phonetic alphabets of the "Alfa, Bravo" type. There are a few popular ones to look at here.


Morse code is often in the news: I give my own interpretation of some recent stories.