Instant Character Recognition

It's generally accepted that learning to recognise each letter at high speed instantly is key to becoming a proficient CW operator. This highly-customisable tool supports a range of learning styles to suit all.

Letters to Practise

Choose which order to learn the letters in:

Alphabetical, but probably not the best order for learning.

Each CW Academy Beginner session introduces a few letters. Press the blue buttons to select a session's letters.

Extras not included in the CW Academy Beginner course:

The traditional Koch method ordering.

Extras not included in the Koch ordering:

The order used by Learn CW Online.

Extras not included in the LCWO ordering:

Choose characters by type:

Message Options

The best way to get started is with single letters. Choose your playback options below and give it a go!

The selected letters are shuffled to make nonsense “words” of characters.

The selected letters are shuffled to make nonsense “words” of characters.

A “sentence” is then made using words.


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Thank you!

Message (hideshow)


Playback Controls

Choose what sequence to play and show for each message:

1: Show & Say Before
2: Morse
3: Thinking
4: Show & Say After
5: Morse
6: Bell
Thinking time
Flashcard time
Morse gap
Time   Text Speed #
Morse Sound Controls


There are many keyboard shortcuts which can also access additional functions. Press ? to list them.

The Play button plays the current message and you can move on to a new message when you are ready with the Next button. Play Next moves on and plays with one click.

If you have Repeat pressed and then press Play, the current message will be repeated for ever. Repeat with Play Next provides continuous random play.

Each message can be played one to five times or repeat forever by using the Count button. If Count is set to repeat forever, you can press the Next button to move on.

If you use the speech function then the pause between words might be longer than you specify: it makes sure that the speech finishes before moving on.

General Notes

This tool works in most browsers: please see the FAQ if you are having problems.

Known Issues

I'm already aware of and working on these issues:

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