QSO Trainer

Practise copying random QSO.


The random QSO need your callsign and (sometimes) your name to make them authentic. This information is not sent to nor stored on the server.

QSO Copying

Random QSO-style sentences are generated. Use "repeat" and "shuffle" together to get a continuous stream.

Text to copy

Sound Controls
Segment gap

If you find this software useful, please make a small donation to the author (and convince his wife that the time spent on it is worthwhile...).

Thank you!


QSO Notes

The semi-random sentences created do have a few limitations at the moment. There is not much variety in names and places or control over the QSO content. However, I hope it will already be useful and these things will be improved soon.

General Notes

This translator requires JavaScript to be enabled. It is known to work well in the latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge web browsers, including mobile versions (which implement the Web Audio API and can be downloaded here). It works, with some sound artefacts, in recent versions of Internet Explorer (where it has to use Flash). The download buttons download a WAV file of the sound for the segment displayed with a pause at the end defined by the segment gap. Safari does not properly support the download buttons but they can be made to work in the desktop version by holding the Option key when clicking them and then saving the file with the ".wav" file extension.

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