American Morse Code

American (Railroad) Morse

American (or "Railroad") Morse Code was the original Morse code developed in the 1840's by Samuel Morse and used extensively in the USA via telegraph wires. It was enthusiastically taken up by the railway companies but later replaced by International Morse code which was technically more suited to international telegraph communication.

American Morse was mostly heard through Morse "sounders" which make a "clunk" noise rather than the more modern "beep" noise common in Morse radio communication (or "wireless telegraph" as it was first known). The tools here provide both listening styles, but historically there is very little overlap between American Morse and the "beep" style of listening.


The Morse code translator translates to and from American Morse code and can play the Morse to you as sound. You can use it to easily share messages with your friends. You have full control over the speed, frequency and volume of the sounds.

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This Morse code trainer takes you through a set of exercises to teach you to copy and send American Morse code.

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Morse Code

A listing of the Morse code, including punctuation.

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