Word List Trainer

Word List Trainer

Practise copying from ready-made word lists (including CW Academy Beginner and Basic) or upload your own.

Word Lists

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Upload a text file of words to practise.


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Playback Controls
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3: After Morse
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Morse Sound Controls
Segment gap


There are many keyboard shortcuts which can also access additional functions such as playing the next word. Press ? to list them.

If you are using "Shuffle" to randomise the order then you might want to use "Once each" as well to ensure each word gets chosen just once.

Choosing "Repeat" is the same as manually pressing the "Next" button after every play.

Each word can be played once, twice, three times or repeat forever wih the Count button. If Count is set to repeat forever, you can press the Next button to move on.

If you change mode after playing just some words it will do its best to follow the new mode but you might need to press "Reset" to get what you need.

If you use the speech function then the pause between words might be longer than you specify: it makes sure that the speech finishes before moving on.

General Notes

This trainer is known to work well in the latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge web browsers, including mobile versions (which implement the Web Audio API and can be downloaded here). It works, with some sound artefacts, in recent versions of Internet Explorer (where it has to use Flash).

Known Issues

I'm already aware of and working on these issues:

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