A cookie is a piece of information in the form of a very small text file that is stored on your computer as a result of visiting a website. This website makes use of cookies for via third party systems to provide advertising which helps fund the site.

Various cookies are created on your machine through the advertising. These cookies help the advertisers track you and target the most appropriate adverts at you. You may initially be asked to provide consent for various advertising cookies; you can update your settings via the "Consent" link in the footer on any page.


This website itself collects no data about you. Some pages have a form requesting your call-sign etc but that data is not sent to any remote server. If you send a message to a friend from the Morse Code Translator then the message is recorded in a web server log file which is retained for 7 days.

I collect anonymous data regarding the use of the website via the "Matomo" software. I host this securely myself: this data is not sent to another company and no long-lived tracking cookies are used for this purpose.