Advancing the Art of CW Award


I was honoured to receive the CW Ops CW Academy annual Advancing the Art of CW Award in July 2020 in recognition of the CW training tools on this site (one of two awards given in 2020).

The award is normally presented in person around mid-May at the "Hamvention" in the USA, but with Covid-19 restrictions in place (and no chance of me flying to the USA anyway) an online ceremony was held. Those on the panel (aside from me) were:

Rob Brownstein had got in touch with me way back in July 2013 to ask if I could adapt my Morse Code Translator for use in the CWOps CW Academy training. Rob had a design which I implemented and then evolved, resulting in the Morse Code Trainer. Perhaps surprisingly, the award video call was the first time we had spoken in person. My nomination came from Joe Fischer AA8TA who currently co-manages the CW Academy. It's been a pleasure working with Rob and Joe and all the other CW Academy volunteers and students, many of which have contributed to the other training tools that I have since developed.

You can find a report of the awards in the CW Ops "Solid Copy" newsletter.

Photo of Stephen with the award